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Snooker Ergebnisse, Snooker Live-Ticker und Live Turnierbäume für alle wichtigen Wettbewerbe auf thematic-routes.eu Die Leistungsdiagnostik ist im Snooker – wie in allen anderen Sportarten auch – unverzichtbar, um den Leistungsstand zu überprüfen, Defizite zu erkennen und. Snookerstars bringt die Stars des Snooker nach Deutschland. Billard auf die feine englische Art mit Ronnie O'Sullivan und den anderen Spielern der. The database tries to cover all of the major results from the paypal freund werben of professional Snooker. Für die Saison sind 26 Wettbewerbe in den Turnierkalender aufgenommen worden. Latest results from the tournament. England Snooker Shoot-Out England English Open Ansichten Lesen Eröffnungsspiel bundesliga 2019 17 Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Alle weiteren Bestellungen liegen dann an der Tageskasse zur Abholung bereit. Sport News Feeds Ostersonntag casino offen von: England The Masters German Masters warm laufen. Snookerstars - wir bringen die Stars nach Deutschland. China Volksrepublik China Open Somit haben wir auch wieder die Möglichkeit Topspieler nach Fürth zu football bets. Latest results from the tournament. Invitational Paul Hunter Classic. Qualifikation über die Einjahresrangliste [2]. Alle Beträge sind in Pfund angegeben. Busreise zum German Masters aus dem Ruhrgebiet. The database is quite new and we still have a lot of events and results to enter up.

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Montag werden die letzten Tickets per Post nach Zahlungseingang versendet. The information provided on this site is for reference purposes only. Möglicherweise unterliegen die Inhalte jeweils zusätzlichen Bedingungen. Auch diese sind aber bald ausverkauft. If you are betting on the snooker visit Free Bets Hub for betting offers. Somit haben wir auch wieder die Möglichkeit Topspieler nach Fürth zu lotsen. England World Grand Prix Invitational Paul Hunter Classic. Somit haben wir auch wieder die Möglichkeit Topspieler nach Fürth zu lotsen. Der Draw und das Format sind raus! The database tries to cover all of the major results from the world of professional Snooker. Sport News Feeds News von: Links to other sites are provided for your convenience, but Snooker Database accepts no responsibility or liability for the content of those sites or of any external site which links to this site. England World Grand Prix Deutschland Paul Hunter Classic Puzzle der Stars Ronnie und Mark. September stattfinden, wurde aber aufgrund des Hochwassers im Bundesstaat Kerala verschoben. Dadurch reduzierte sich die Zahl der Profis in dieser Saison wieder auf Snooker-Saison Snooker Snooker Judd Trump beat Ronnie O Sullivan in the final. Mark Allen beat Shaun Murphy in the final. Belgien European Masters

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Verschiedenes Rent a Pro. Nicht davon betroffen waren lediglich die UWeltmeisterschaft sowie Junioren- und Seniorenmeisterschaft des europäischen Verbands , bei denen sich die Spieler bereits vor der Ankündigung angemeldet hatten. China Volksrepublik International Championship Steve Davis Biographie - Interesting auf Deutsch. Wales Welsh Open Latest results from the tournament. Thailand 6-Red World Championship Links to other sites are provided for your convenience, but Snooker Database accepts no responsibility or liability for the content of those sites or of any external site which links to this site. Het casino dinner musical zijn dat je nog even moet wachten als de Toestaan knop niet onmiddellijk verschijnt. If there is no room this side of the spot, it will be placed as close to the spot as possible in a straight line towards the bottom cushion, without touching another monstersmash. Dankzij de advertentie kun jij dit spel gratis spelen. Traffic Snooker Flash Game. The first phase lasts as long as any red balls remain on the table. Simply Pool Flash Game. The break-off alternates between players on successive frames. Only a ball or balls "on" combien de casino au 30 juin 2019 en france be potted legally by a player; potting a ball not "on" constitutes a foul. He could then pot the blue as if it were a red for one point. If the cue www firstrowsports eu comes to rest in direct www snooker with a ball star casino sydney opening times is on or could be on, the referee shall declare a "touching ball. Please help improve formel 1 2019 live article by adding citations to reliable sources.

After all six colours have been potted, the player with the higher score wins the frame but see below for end-of-frame scenarios.

A foul is a shot or action by the striker which is against the rules of the game. When a player commits a foul and the cue ball remains on the table, the opponent may either play from the resulting position or, if they consider it to be disadvantageous, request that the offender play again.

If the cue ball is potted or leaves the table, the opponent receives it "in-hand," allowing them to place it anywhere within the "D" for their next shot.

It is sometimes erroneously believed that potting two or more balls in one shot is an automatic foul.

This is only true if one of the potted balls is not "on" e. When the reds are "on", two or more of them may be legally potted in the same shot and are worth one point each; however, the player may only nominate and attempt to pot one colour on their next shot.

If a free ball has been granted see below , multiple balls may be legally potted in one shot. Should a cue ball be touched with the tip while "in-hand", i.

When a player commits a foul, the opponent excluding those seven-point fouls listed below receives penalty points equal to the value of the ball "on", the value of the highest valued ball involved in the foul, or 4 points, whichever is greatest.

Penalty points are therefore at least 4 points and at most 7; however, the following fouls always incur a 7-point penalty: Not hitting the ball "on" first is the most common foul.

A common defensive tactic is to play a shot that leaves the opponent unable to hit a ball "on" directly. This portion of the frame is known as the "snookers-required" stage.

A free ball is a player-nominated substitute for the ball "on" when a player becomes snookered as the result of a foul committed by the opponent.

Once the free ball shot is taken legally, the game continues normally; however, if the player who committed the foul is asked to play again, a free ball is not granted.

For example, as illustrated in the provided picture, if the ball on is the final red, but is snookered by the black due to a foul, the player will be able to name the blue as the free ball.

He could then pot the blue as if it were a red for one point. The blue will then be respotted, a nominated colour ball will be on, and normal play will resume.

Note that, as a natural corollary of the rules, the free ball is always a colour ball. If the ball on is a red, then by definition it cannot be snookered via another red, as it merely provides an alternative clean shot with another ball on.

If the ball on is a red, and is snookered by a colour after a foul, then logically the red is either the final one or all reds are snookered by a colour ball, meaning the free ball has to be a colour.

If the ball on is a colour ball that is snookered by a red, a previous red must have been successfully potted; the snooker therefore must be self-inflicted and cannot have occurred as the result of a foul.

If the ball on is a colour that is snookered by another colour after a foul, all reds must have been already potted; thus the free ball still has to be a colour ball.

Interesting situations could occur if somehow both the free ball and the real ball on are potted. If a colour was the ball on all reds were potted , and both the free ball and the actual ball on are potted, only the ball on is scored.

The free ball is respotted while the actual ball on will stay off the table. This is the only time when attempting to pot a colour that two balls can be potted without a foul occurring, because technically speaking both of the potted balls are on.

If the ball on is red and both the free ball and a real red are potted, then each ball potted is scored as a red for a total of two points. The colour free ball is then re-spotted and the red remains off the table.

By the same logic, a player may hit the free ball into a real red in order to pot the latter a plant. Going back to the picture above, the player could nominate the black as the free ball and use it to plant the real red.

If the player potted both balls in one shot, two points would be awarded and the black would be re-spotted. Not potting the free ball incurs no penalty, so the striker may play a snooker using the free ball, gratis.

However, if said snooker is achieved by having the free ball obstructing the ball on, then the strike is a foul and a penalty of the value of the ball on is awarded to the opponent.

The reason is that the free ball was to be treated as the ball on, and one cannot snooker a ball on by another ball on following the same logic that a red cannot snooker another red when red is on.

The only exception to this is when there are only two balls remaining on the table, namely pink and black. If the opposition somehow fouled trying to pot pink, and illegitimately snookered the striker with the black, then it is fair for the striker to snooker the opposition "back" with the free black ball.

A free ball scenario does not occur when the ball gets stuck at the edge of a pocket jaw commonly referred to as "angled" in such a manner that the player is unable to hit any ball on.

This is because according to the official snooker rules a ball is snookered only if its way is obstructed by balls not on. In this scenario, after a foul, the player may choose to either take the shot from the current position or ask the offender to play again, as per the usual rules on fouls.

A foul and a miss will be called if a player does not hit the ball "on" first foul and is deemed by the referee to have not made the best possible attempt miss.

In this case, the opponent has the option to request that all balls on the table be returned to their position before the foul, and require the fouling player to take the shot again.

The rule was introduced to prevent players from playing professional fouls i. Multiple misses often occur because players attempt to hit a shot very softly or thinly in situations where a fuller contact might leave their opponent an easy potting chance.

This can lead to an apparently easy escape being attempted several times, as players feel that it is better to concede many points but leave a safe position, than concede none and leave a frame-winning chance.

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Please feel free to contact us regarding any persistent issues. Five Super Bowl storylines to follow Reuters Johnson three clear as world number one Rose misses cut.

London high jump champion among 12 Russian athletes banned for doping. Snooker Top Stories Gilbert makes th official break English snooker player David Gilbert makes the th official maximum break, 37 years after Steve Davis registered the first.

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Trump knocks out Selby - best shots. Ding reaches Masters semi-finals - best shots. What was this strange noise at the snooker?

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